Review 2020
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Review 2020

Writing a review for a year that, according to most people, should not even have existed is no easy feat. In the beginning of the year, who would have thought that the SwitzerLAN with 300 participants would be the only major Esport event in Switzerland? A global pandemic and the limitations it caused had the whole world and of course also the Esports scene and mYinsanity holding stopping in its tracks.

A different approach had to be taken for many things than what we were used to, old habits had to be thrown overboard and new ideas were needed. Against all odds and with astonishing speed, very good new concepts were found that enabled our community to keep having tournaments and to keep the Leagues going. The Esport, therefore, established itself as a safe harbour even in times of crisis.


Our League of Legends Team for the Prime League

This year, mYinsanity did make progress, especially on international terrain. With our participation in the PrimeLeague Pro Divison in League of Legends and the GSA League in Rainbow 6, we were able to present ourselves on an international stage of the highest quality. The participation in these international tournaments did claim a huge organisational tribute and showed us loud and clear where weaknesses are present and how these have to be challenged in the future. The collected experiences of the past year will help us move into the future even stronger and will enable us to once again reach for the international top in the coming years!


Regardless of the pandemic, a lot happened on a national level. For the fourth time in a row, SenpaiRekt crowned himself Champion in Clash Royale at the Herofest 2020. An immensely powerful feat that will be very difficult to top by anybody else.

SenpaiRekt after he won the Swisscom Hero League FInal
Source: Jeton Shali

In FIFA our athlete Bown came out on top. By achieving first ranks in the Swisscom Hero League Go4Cups, as well as in the Helvetia Insurance Cup, Bown showed everyone that he is a force to be reckoned with.

mYinsanity was also part of the leading pack in the Fighting Games sector. KiraKira, our Tekken 7 player, delivered strong results on an international level, like a second place in the Logitech G Cup.

KiraKira at the Logitech G Cup at the RedBull Gaming World
Source: Michelle Reber

Our Super Smash Bros players Destany and Kepler were strong presences on the field as well. With the League of Legends Autobattler TFT, we also expanded into a new field this year. Our athlete Yanis did bring home a great success with his qualification for the RedBull M.E.O. Finals. Not only did our Solo athletes reach great results but also in team-oriented titles like CS:GO, Rainbow 6 and Rocket League did we do well. We found ourselves among the international top with various finale attendances and strong performances by our teams.

Behind the scenes

To be able to celebrate these victories, we can count on our long-lasting sponsors Swisscom and Logitech G. This year, Postfinance, a new and valuable partner, joined us. However, sponsors are not the only important thing for the performance of our athletes! This year we launched mYindset, a place to go for our athletes, that will support them in every way they need, make them stronger mentally and help them work on their weaknesses.

Well, to be honest, 2020 was not the year we had hoped for. However, if we take a look back at it, we see it as an experience that will stay with us for the rest of our lives and in the end, it did have many positive outcomes. We learned to be happy about the small things and to cherish them even more.

All that remains to be said is that the #insanetrain will keep on coming strong into 2021 and we will rise to whatever challenges the future may hold!

translated by A. Gerspacher