mYinsanity joins the Prime League Pro Division
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mYinsanity joins the Prime League Pro Division

In Mai 2019 Riot announced that the Premier Tour will be replaced by a completely new League. Just a few months later they introduced the structure for the new DACH League and everyone got the chance to apply for the highest division called Pro division. We took the chance and handed in our application for an exclusive slot. We are proud to announce that we will be the only Swiss team playing at the top of the Prime League. It’s a big opportunity for us to play alongside with big teams like BIG, ESG and S04.


The structure of the league is really simple: two splits with big finals and a winter cup. The winners of the splits get the chance to take part in the EU Masters and show what they’ve got. You can find more information about the league and the other divisions here.


From the beginning we set our goal to form a team containing Swiss players. We are really happy that three out of six players are Swiss.
The biggest question has still not been answered: Who’s in the roster? Well, we will keep that secret for a couple more days – keep an eye out for the announcement on our Socials 😉


Luca “Crowd” Hartmann accompanied the whole project since the beginning:

“When mYinsanity submitted the application for the Pro Division of the Prime League at the end of September, we knew that several well known organisations applied too for the remaining four spots and that it could be very difficult to get a spot. All the more were we really happy when we got accepted. We are really proud that our hard work during the last years and our plans for the future convinced the jurors.
mYinsanity is known to surprise as Underdogs. In the Prime League we want to show the established LoL DACH scene teams and of course the LEC Academy teams that we are able to face them. Medium term we want to find our place in the midfield of the league.
As we are the only Swiss organisation we also aim to support the local scene. In our recent Lineup three out of six players (2 starter, 1 sub) are Swiss and it’s our dream to expand the rate even more with promising Swiss talents.
First of all, we will focus on the upcoming Spring Split for which we came up with a powerful lineup. I’m hyped about the start of the season in a few weeks and I’m looking forward to some exciting games! #mYiHigh”

Next week our team will play their first game of the split. We wish them good luck!

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